Writer’s Guidelines

If you’re here you MUST be interested in writing for Jaxology. Hooray! Or you’re terribly lost, but no worries- you can find your way home here.

Still around? Good! We love our community of Jaxologists and want you to be able to express yourself. But to keep that friendly feeling alive, we do ask that you look at some basic guidelines before submitting anything. It’s straightforward, but important. So here’s our huge list of things to remember when writing!

1. Be Yourself

We want you to showcase your own unique style. Let your voice be heard and contirute to the community in a way that only you can. Just remember not to be TOO extreme as we try to keep our content at Shrek-levels. Fun enough for younger visitors but with the occasional wink and nod to more seasoned Jaxologists.

2. Keep it Simple

Short, simple words work best because it’s easier to process information in simple language. People value their time and the internet can reduce attention spans to goldfish levels*. Keep this in mind because you don’t want a bunch of confused readers trying to figure out that new trick you invented!

3. Spread the Word

Why write a great post if you don’t let people know about it? Sharing is caring so don’t forget to brag on yourself by letting your friends know you’re posted up on Jaxology through Facebook or Twitter!

4. Have Fun!

A lot of people struggle with this. Don’t let it happen to you! Take your time, create something amazing, and feel free to watch The Walking Dead while you write. Or if you’re really talented, see if you can pull off a Reverse Fabulous while you write, ya showoff!

Go crazy. Try something that’s never been done before. Do your reviews on a scale of one to zombie apocalypse! It might sound weird, but out-there, insane ideas can work out beautifully so don’t be afraid to take a few risks.

That’s about it! If you’d like to email us a post about your favorite tricks or your most shining Astrojax moment, just drop us an email at info [at] usastrojax.com and our team of skilled robot-monkeys will review it and get it published!

*After a court summons from the PETA people we hereby solemnly swear to never again slight, lower, debase, nor insult the noble and mighty goldfish in any capacity whatsoever.