Summer Skill Toy Contest Winners Announced!

Skill toy showdown winners

Today, we announce winners of our Summer Skill Toy Showdown!  This sadly indicates that summer has come to an end.  But enough of that crybaby stuff, let’s welcome the fall weather with open arms and announce our Video Contest winners. Each winner in the 3 respective categories below win $30 US ASTROJAX Gift Certificates!

Most Skill Toys Used In A Video: 
Aslak Bennedsen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Aslak might be back in school, but he clearly did his summer home work! Arguably a tie with Best Display Of Skill category, check out Aslak’s skillful moves with Kendama, Diabolo, Cups, and a new one: Table Tennis Juggling (nice use of the edge and handle!). Still wondering whatever happened to that Diabolo. Is it still spinning on top of the power line?! 


Best Display Of Skill:
Benji Sharib
Groton, Connecticut, USA 

Benji and his buds kill it in the skills department with his entry (also technically tying with most skill toys qualification).  Check out Benji landing some sweet moves with The Pill, while kendama, yo-yo, and poi also make an appearance. 


Most Creative Performance:
Stephen Tafoya
Rifle, Colorado, USA

Congrats Stephen! You too are now the proud owner of a $30 Gift Certificate. Stephen’s got a great sense of humor and growing Astrojax skills. Extra kudos for his recent work with local teens and his Astrojax Club at the Garfield County Library!


Honorable Mention:
John Ferrell
Glendora, California, USA

What can’t this dude do? TheFerrell strikes again with a great video performance, but unfortunately, we have to set a painful example at TheFerrell’s expense. This guy is a rule breaker, a troublemaker, a rebel. He brazenly broke rule number two with his 4 minute 33 second video: “Entries must be no longer than 3 minutes total.” Obey the law Ferrell!  

Stay tuned folks.  We’ve got a fun Halloween contest announcement brewing! MUAAAHAHAHA!