Jax-o-lanterns are BACK from THE VAULT


Ah, THE VAULT, that hidden destination where we relegate our favorite creations to banishment for being TOO awesome.

But that’s the funny thing about the abyss; every now and then after you’ve thrown enough things in, something gets thrown BACK… and that thing is our fan-favorite Jax-o-Lantern Astrojax! If you remember, these ghastly Astrojax feature two white MX Pops flanking a candy-corn orange MX Pop in the center. And it’s all tied together with neon orange string, black cores, and orange string buds!

We’re happy to have them back (mainly because Josh wouldn’t shut up about them) and hope you are too! Also, don’t forget that you can win a set of these for FREE if you come out on top in our latest contest!

So Happy Halloween everyone, and we hope you’re as happy to get your hands on these jolly Jax-o-Lantern Jax as we were in re-releasing them! But act fast, because while they may have escaped for now, there’s no telling when their exodus will come to its end and they’ll again be confined to THE VAULT!

Sep 2013



Announcing Astrojax Neon Pop


Hey everybody it’s that special time again where we all gather around the campfire to listen to old gramps spin another yarn about a rootin’ tootin’ SPECIAL set of Astrojax! Thankfully, this won’t involve a fabled treasure map nor any awkward ‘pull my finger’ jokes. That’s because we’re prepared to announce the latest and greatest in Jaxological advancement right here and now through your view screen!

Remember that time when you stole your neurotic friend’s dad’s Ferrari 250GT California, busted your girlfriend out of school and spent the whole day having wacky adventures throughout the greater Chicago area? No? That’s ok, because we’ve got an equally impressive piece of hardware for you that will ALSO tickle your fancy for the 80s.

Behold, the Neon POP. This electric monster rocks a bright yellow string with neon orange buds and super bright yellow balls flanking an orange center. Much like the 250GT California only a limited number will be made and at the risk of sounding cliche’ they are SO choice and if you have the means I’d highly recommend picking one up.

Jul 2013
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So You Want to be an Astrojax Player

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of Astrojax! By now, you may have already researched Astrojax and what they are, but if you haven’t, you can start here. Now that you’ve done your research, watched all the super amazing videos of Astrojax players, and spent some time browsing the store, you’re ready to become an Astrojax player yourself. However, you may not know where to start. That’s where we plan on helping you.

An avid AJ player myself, I’ve spent some time testing and experimenting with the various types of Astrojax that are out there. Needless to say, there are varying opinions in the Astrojax community as to which sets are the best, and what I really want to break down for you today is which sets are the best sets for the absolute-never-picked-up-a-set-of-AJs-in-my-life-and-would-like-some-solid-advice-before-I-drop-a-few-Jacksons-on-‘em (or Hamilton’s, or Lincolns… however you roll). 

Let’s start with the classic answer to this question. Any Astrojax player from here to 2002 would tell you to get the Plus version of Astrojax. They are safe, affordable, and move at a good medium speed which is good for learning tricks on. I’ve given this advice hundreds of times myself. The Plus is the original model and is still one of my favorites to play with from time to time. A great set if you really want to test the waters without splurging too much cash. However, improvements have been made on the Plus in the form of its younger cousin on steroids; I’m talking about the MX Sport.

Now when I get the question as to which set is the best for the absolute beginner, I’m torn. The hardcore, nostalgic AJ player in me roots for the Plus. But the wise, pop culture-centric, investment-oriented side of me says the MX Sport. So, when it comes down to the two, I guess my only question for the buyer in question is, how much do you want to invest in this game?

Let’s pretend we can look into the future. You buy your Astrojax and you absolutely love them! Then I really hope if this is the case that you bought the MX Sport. My reasons are as follows:

  • The Astrojax Plus set is good to start with but the string is can occasionally knot.
  • Said knots in original string can be REALLY hard to get out, thus increasing frustration and wasting time.
  • The MX Sport Aqua-like string is longer, more colorful, and largely eliminates knotting.
  • While both have the same soft outer foam, great for protecting oneself from head bonks, the MX Sport has advanced scientifically from the Plus in design, weight and overall orbit-a-bility.
  • The Plus balls wear down more quickly as there is no barrier between the Astrojax string and the foam. 
  • The MX has a built-in, interchangeable core clip that greatly enhances the life of the foam MX body.
  • I said interchangeable. Yeah. That means you can customize the color of your Astrojax. Wicked sweet!
  • When you tell someone “These are the Astrojax Plus,” they may reply, “Plus what??” It’s name is not very self- (or otherwise) explanatory.
  • Saying Astrojax MX sounds like you just jumped over a wicked gap on your motocross bike and are now about to throw down some sick MX tricks that will blow everyone’s mind!


And while the MX Sport comes in $10 more than the Plus model, I still think it’s worth the extra dough because you get everything the Plus has PLUS so much more! (Maybe the MX Sport should’ve been called the Plus). 

Out of the package, you can customize your MX Sport by adjusting the length of the string. You really can’t do that out of the box with the Plus without buying the additional Pin Popper… and longer string. The MX Sport has built-in Stringbud Technology which opens up the door to new tricks you cannot do with the “pinned” down Plus. And though you can customize the Plus by popping out the pins, swap out the old string for the newer Aqua string and Stringbuds, you are then spending at least an additional $10 buck to have all that sweet customizability. So, just plunk down the extra cash for the MX Sport. Worst case scenario: you find Astrojax isn’t for you. But you now have the ultra-cool Astrojax MX Sport that you can now give to someone who shows interest in wanting to play Astrojax themselves. If they become addicted, they’ll thank you in the end. 

I think I’ve made my point about a set for absolute beginners. The Plus is classic and affordable; the MX Sport is innovative and advanced. Both offer the beginner player the right dynamic to start learning tricks on, and I would also say the MX Sport will take you to another level in tricks with the innovation of Stringbuds. The Plus is a high-intermediate level at best, before moving on to other sets. The MX Sport is a good investment over time and my recommended beginner set. 

As to the other sets. Well, I would NOT recommend the V-Max to the ABSOLUTE beginner because its speed is super fast! Which can be super frustrating for someone trying to learn the basics. This becomes a great set for those that get the basic tricks down and now want to take their play to the next level. The V-Max series, a classic in itself, also has many different ball colors available for those that love to customize. The Saturn series falls in this V-Max category since its smooth shell also equals fast play. And I would NOT recommend the Aqua series for the ABSOLUTE beginner. Though one of my my most cherished sets, I would have been pretty frustrated had I had a set of Aquas when I first started playing. The bigger Aqua balls are great for the catch-and-release aspect of AJ play, but their overall dynamic flow is way different compared to the Plus, V-Max, and even MX series. The Aqua series becomes good when you are, again, set in the basic tricks and want to experiment and try different things. A key thing in Astrojax play is finding your own flow. There really isn’t any right or wrong way to play, and you’ll soon find that there are tricks and orbiting styles that appeal to you more than others. The Aqua really lets you experience a new way of ebbing and flowing yet is still Astrojax at heart. And in regards to the MX Pop? Though they fall into the same MX category, the MX Pop plays at a slightly more advanced level than the Sport. You could actually buy a set of the MX Pop and be ok while learning the basics. But you can’t go wrong with the MX Sport.

So heed these words New Astrojax Player. You now know where to invest that initial cash when buying a set. I think from what I’ve heard from others in the community and from my own personal experience that this advice resonates more as truth than personal opinion. And the beauty of it is, you will find other Astrojax sets, parts, and accessories at affordable prices when you are ready to branch out beyond the basics while finding your own unique Astrojax Flow.

Nov 2012

A Wise Word


The Breakdown of Astrojax MX

You’ve laughed with it, cried with it, shared awkward moments at the drive-in where it tried to get fresh with you, but today, in no uncertain terms, we’ll be exploring the intricacies of the Astrojax MX line and why it’s one of our favorites here at the office! But first? A little history…


The MX was so named due to its being the first implementation of Modular JaX. While everyone has a fondness for the original Astrojax, as Jaxologists the world over became more proficient, the desire to make that style into a more personal experience became palpable. So this was realized with the MX’s easy customization without the use of tools, allowing players to fine-tune their sets to make it truly their own and even trade parts with friends.

Initially, several variations were prototyped, but ultimately scrapped having not met the final approval of the inventor and our most ardent Astrojax supporters. Our ongoing commitment to a quality skill toy experience is often a maddening road as we go through one iteration after another until we have that ‘aHA!’ moment when everything comes together. In this case, a year after concepts began in 2011, the MX was finally ready to head to retailers in January of 2012, much to our (and players’) delight.

So let’s take a look at the different types of MX and how they differ from other ‘Jax™. But first a little background…

Features and Distinction

For starters, the MX series features detachable String Buds like the AQUA Astrojax. Also, it weighs in slightly larger and heavier than the PLUS, V-MAX, and SATURN, though not quite as large or heavy as the AQUA. This was also the first series to offer 2 differing materials.

However, by far the most unique feature of the MX, setting it apart from the rest of its Jaxorian brethren, is its easy disassembly. This lets players swap parts to their liking and allowed us to offer a play experience and connection to Astrojax to truly make it your own. Check out the breakdown below for a better understanding of how this works:

Modularity Breakdown

Astrojax MX Diagram


Aerodynamics is the order of the day for the MX SPORT with its golf ball-like dimples. Despite appearances and its more cushioned feel, the MX SPORT is actually slightly heavier than the original Astrojax PLUS (18g), weighing in at a mind-boggling 22g on average. Also, the polyurethane body of the MX SPORT makes it more conducive to rebound tricks. This bad boy is available in red and baby blue.


Currently we carry a couple of different colors of the MX POP in our online store, and both really do ‘pop’ due to the bold color scheme. Available in yellow and orange, POPs feature an slightly transparent ribbed body made of a thermoplastic resin, a safe rubber substitute with a distinctive texture.


The Dock is specifically designed for the Astrojax MX line (although it does fit the AQUAs pretty well). Simply click each ball into the dock to keep your Astrojax organized. You can also wrap up your Jax™ as featured in this post.

So that’s a quick look at the types of MX Astrojax that we offer here at US ASTROJAX. While one isn’t necessarily better than another, it does make sense to take a hard look at the types of tricks that you like to perform and decide what set matches up best with your requirements as a player. Because each experience is unique, we want to make sure that we’re offering solid information for you to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the Astrojax community.

So thanks for stopping by to take a look at the different types of MX available, and make sure to check back often for the latest news and other exciting developments in skill toys!

Astrojax MX Comparison Cart


Jul 2012
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Video Showcase: Storing Your String Bud Astrojax

As far as skill-based toys go, you might say we’re pretty fond of Astrojax.  Originally we were going to name the blog, but alas, it was taken and the original name rolls off the tongue pretty easily anyways.

But as much as we love our Astrojax, what we love more is showing people how to get the absolute best experience with their own skill toys.  That’s why today we’re giving you this handy video guide to how best to wrap up your string bud Astrojax a ‘la the MX Sport or Aqua Glow. Special thanks goes out to Joebro for this great idea.

So kick back, relax-er, wait don’t do that, then you can’t play with your Astrojax!  Stand up, tune in, and get edumacated on how to stash your ‘jax like a boss*!


*Editor’s note- Josh, stop making outdated* references on the blog and replace ‘boss’ with ‘pro’ immediately. -Jim

**Blogger’s note- Jim, I’ll stop making super-awesome references when you stop sleeping while the rest of us are working. -Awesome Josh.

May 2012
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