How to Get USAstrojax Updates On Your Phone


Howdy ho, skill toy masters. Recently it was brought to our attention that some people are missing out on our contests and offers because they aren’t getting the information delivered to them quickly enough. We heard you and are now happy to present an option that will notify you the second a new blog post is published by sending one of those newfangled text messages to your phone!

To enable this FREE service, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and create an account (username and password is all that’s needed)
  2. After you login to IFTTT, click on this link to be taken to the ‘New USAstrojax Blog Post‘ recipe  
  3. If prompted, activate your SMS channel to complete the process.  
  4. Click on “Use Recipe”
  5. BAM! Time for celebrating with s’mores!

If you follow those steps (especially #5) you’ll get a polite text message from us whenever we put a new post up on the blog. 

Remember, we HUGELY value your feedback and this is an example of how seriously we take it.  If you have any other ideas or feedback please remember to hit our Facebook page and let us know!  Or email us directly at