Spookdown Spectacular Video Results


Some people take their homework assignments seriously. Take Joshua Rodriquez for example. At one point we were eager to cross paths with Joshua, perhaps at a yo-yo event or just while passing through his neighborhood one lazy summer day. But after viewing his contest entry, all of us in the US Astrojax office now sleep with our lights on and covers pulled tight. Perhaps we should just stay “internet friends” from a safe distance. All kidding aside, Joshua easily managed to creep us out and show off some spooky skills! Check out his entry if you dare. Congrats Joshua! You will soon be the proud owner of a highly collectible set of Glow-In-The-Dark Astrojax!


Creepy Contest Winner:  Josh Rodriquez
Hometown:  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
Winnings:  Rare Glow-In-The-Dark Astrojax!
Editor’s note:  Hey Josh, we were just kidding. We think you’re a great guy, totally normal. Not silence of the lambs at all. :)


We found Waldo, our Runner Up:  Luke Von Gullbrantz
Hometown:  Westfield, Massachusetts, USA
Winnings: Jax O Lanterns!
You gotta love peeps with a sense of humor. You know this guy is fun to hang out with. Way to go Luke!

After a bountiful night of trick or treating, the first order of business is to sit down and pick out the best candy. Among some truly scary submissions, we picked out a couple extra entries that might appeal to your sweet tooth:

Spooky. Gothic. Skills. All rolled into one:  Cizrek
Hometown:  Los Angeles, California, USA
Winnings: Jax O Lanterns!
It’s Cizrek. What is understood need not be said! 


Infectious grooves, fun moves:  David Shyguy Lopez
Hometown:  Albacete, Spain
Winnings: Jax O Lanterns!
If this doesn’t make you want to get off your butt and monster mash, dance, or at least put a big grin on your face, well, you may be six feet under already. Everyone needs a dude like this in their life! Well done David.

Hopefully when you read this the only zombie apocalypse taking place is that cheesy Netflix movie you’re watching. Stay tuned folks, another contest with cool loot is lurking around the corner!


Dec 2013



Astrojax Video: The WEX


A couple of our star players step up once more to bring you ‘The Wex’, an Astrojax trick showdown shot at the Wexner Center For The Arts. Astrojax MX Pop were used in this video. Get yours  here.

Astrojax Players:
John Ferrell & David Ridley

Music By:
BMX Hero (Pierlo) / CC BY 3.0

Nov 2013



It’s the Astrojax “EVERYONE WINS” contest!


It’s that time again – time to announce a new contest!  With less than 3 weeks left in the month of June, we thought we’d keep it simple and fun and hold a contest in which EVERYONE WINS.  That’s right, everyone!  We want to see YOU and your Astrojax.  Good, bad, ugly or otherwise – film ANY Astrojax trick(s) and you will win our new sticker pack.  Want a FREE t-shirt too?  Send us your video and you’ll get a free t-shirt and a sticker pack with any $10 or more order.  Not too shabby!

So, that’s it?  Yep, that’s it.  But in case you still don’t know what “it” is…we’ll break it down for you.  Get your camera or camera phone and shoot a quick video.  Upload it to YouTube and complete our contest entry form.  That’s it.  You win.  Done.  Oh, wait, that’s not all.  Go for broke and send us something truly fun and entertaining and you just might win our top prize:  a $25 Gift Certificate to US ASTROJAX, plus the sticker pack and t-shirt!    

Top entry: FREE Sticker Sheet, FREE t-shirt, and $25 Gift Certificate
All entries: FREE Sticker Sheet.  Or FREE Sticker Sheet and FREE t-shirt with any $10 or more order

Film your video.  Upload to YouTube.  Complete entry form on Contest Page.  Win. 

Cool or interesting settings.  Personality and Enthusiasm.  Videos filmed in horizontal HD.  Shout-outs to US Astrojax.

June 30, 2013

By entering this contest, you give US Astrojax the right to print your first name and last initial, city and state, and post your video submission. Free t-shirt will be included with any $10 or more order. International contestants may be asked to pay partial postage to obtain free sticker sheet. All video submissions must be recently filmed.

Jun 2013



Astrojax Trick Check Video Contest Results!


When we launched our latest Astrojax video challenge, the “Trick Check Contest”, we were a bit uneasy.  With school and exams wrapping up and summer fast approaching, would timing be a problem?  Nope!  We’re happy to report that many of you rose to the occasion and accepted our challenge!  For those of you that are just finding out about US Astrojax and our contest series, you’re in for a real treat.

FIRST PLACE:  Gideon Dunkley  |  Bronx, NY
We’re stoked to see some players going all out!  Case in point: Gideon Dunkley and his watch-over-and-over video submission.  The Gidmeister didn’t pull any punches, somehow remaining humble all while demonstrating his talented flow in this feel-good video.  Just…wow.  Congratulations Gideon – you are the First Place winner of the Trick Check Contest! 

Gideon’s Trick List:

  • Gravity Roll
  • Immelman
  • Intra-Venus
  • Hurricane
  • Crown Jewels 2



SECOND PLACE:  Ian Sielski  |  Warsaw, Poland
US Astrojax knows no boundaries, as evidenced by Ian Sielski from Poland.  Ian’s screen time clocks in at just under 40 seconds, yet he manages to squeeze in some impressive combos and graceful transitions.  You’ll enjoy Ian’s submission, and find yourself trying to pick up a move or two.  Congratulations Ian, you snatched Second Place in the Trick Check Contest!  Thank you for sharing a little bit of your beautiful homeland with the rest of the world.

Ian’s Trick List:

  • 3D Printed Guns (Combo): orbit interception to revolver to spin factory to revolver to fabulous to crown of jewels
  • Webbed Jewels
  • Mini (Manic) Fabulous with reverse



THIRD PLACE:  Ryan Garcia  |  Hesperia, CA
Grab yourself a recovery drink.  You’ll need it after watching Ryan Garcia’s energetic submission!  Ryan rocks to his own soundtrack, freestyling multiple moves and tricks.  Congratulations Ryan, you win Third Place in our Trick Check Contest! 

Ryan’s Trick List:

  • Calicopter (forward)
  • Calicopter (reverse)
  • Heart Attack
  • Swirly
  • Swirly (variations)
  • Change Up
  • Lasso



The trouble with contests is all those flippin’ rules…  Why should there only be first, second, and third place?  After some debate among the US Astrojax staff we decided that we could not have a “Three Way Tie” or “Fourth” “Fifth” and “Sixth” place (seriously, we’re not kidding).  And why did we entertain such nonsense?  Because we received so many great videos, that’s why.  Check out a handful of runner-ups, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

Scott Newberry  |  Palmerston North, New Zealand
Guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.


Adam Todd  |  Alameda, CA
Production value & an adorable kid?  That’s like a double rainbow.


Anthony Rojas  |  Riverside, CA
Thinking outside the yoyo box!


Blake Mathison  |  Howard Lake, MN
Lookout old-timers, next generation Astrojax players are on the rise!

Chris “PalmWho?” Palmer  |  San Jose, CA
Intellectual philosopher, and funny to boot.  A must watch video.


To say we’ve been inspired at US Astrojax is an understatement.  We owe a big shout out and thank you to all of our contestants.   All, including those that were not featured above, are winners and will be contacted shortly with details about their store credit.  But stay tuned, summer has landed and we’ve got new contests on the way!


Kudos, comments, questions?  Leave ‘em below!

Jun 2013



Myachi – Way of the Hand Sack

What is Myachi?

If you have action figures, it makes an excellent body pillow for a G.I. Joe or Barbie.

If you’re a Jaxologist, it is one of the greatest skill toys ever created.

It seems like only yesterday (by yesterday, I mean 1999) that I received my first Myachi in my hometown of Salida, Colorado. It was summer. Fibark was in full swing. The sun was shining and the river roaring as people swarmed around vendors selling at marked-up prices. I was 17 years old and like any teenager with money, it was burning a hole in my pocket. Between $4 funnel cakes and $2 junk toys, I arrived at destiny; The Myachi guys. I was already familiar with hackysack and quite good at it. So when I saw these guys throwing down a version of hackysack that broke the rules (see: playing with hands) I knew I had to see what was going on. 

What I discovered opened my eyes to hackysack play and the world of skill toys in general. What I learned was:

  • You can bend the rules of a game if you’ll just bend your mind.
  • There are way more skill toys in the world than I could’ve imagined
  • I would look pretty lame in comparison to these guys when I try Myachi

And I did look lame. It was hard at first. These guys were total rock stars. But most importantly? They were supportive, positive, and they opened my eyes. I plunked down $10 cash (the price back then) and left with my very first purple crush velvet Myachi.

So what is Myachi? In short, it’s a hand hackysack. But the beauty of a Myachi is that it functions as a regular hackysack for like, you know, your feet. You can stall, kick, flick, spin it the old fashioned way, and now you can use your hands. There’s only one rule-


Or more simply- using the back of your hand exclusively. The first thing you will learn as a Myachi noob is the lotus position. How to form and hold your hand the proper way in order to effectively use your hands with a Myachi. If you’ve played hackysack but are not familiar with stalls, then the next thing you will (quickly) learn is how to stall. That simple technique that everyone claims they can do but cannot (technique is everything in a stall). Stalls are essential in Myachi. It’s not all hits like in hackysack. Can you hit? Sure. It’s just not the predominant move. But eventually, you will learn how to catch or stall. When you start getting the hang of it, you will find that you feel (and look like) a ninja with this thing! Once you find your Myachi flow, you’ll find your body moving in ways and rhythms you may have never experienced before!

Below I’ve posted videos of some seasoned Myachi players (see: Myachi ninjas) so you can get an idea of how Myachi works because words just don’t do it justice.

Much like hackysack, the Myachi is formed on the ideal of community. There are many skill toys out there that are meant for solo-use. And while you can practice/play Myachi on your own, the real fun comes in getting a group and jammin’ together!  Learning new tricks. Showing off new tricks. Everyone laughing when someone gets smacked in the face “on accident”. It’s revolutionary and much like Astrojax, Myachi is open to new ways of play and interpretation based on the individuals playing. So, check out the videos and if you like what you see, click here to order your very own Myachi from USAstrojax!





Aug 2012



Are YOU A Jaxologist?

What is a Jaxologist you ask? Well, Webster’s dictionary defines a jaxologist as:

jax – o – lo – gist    noun  

A person that is passionate about the perfection of skill-based toys such as Astrojax or an individual that is ruthlessly dedicated to the mastery of skill toys even at the expense of their personal well-being.

Alright, we made that up- it’s not in the dictionary, but it should be, because if you’re reading this, that’s precisely what you are!

When we began Jaxology, we did so with one goal in mind- to be the absolute go-to source for anyone looking to master skill toys and learn how to get the most rewarding experiences out of the toys they’re passionate about.

Here you’ll find all sorts of useful information like articles on how to properly maintain your toys, video interviews with renowned professionals, the sickest tricks, and the secret to immortality. ok, you got us- we might’ve embellished that last one a little too.

We’re not just about dispersing knowledge to you though because it’s boring when one person just blathers on- we’re just as excited to hear what YOU have to say! If there’s one thing we’ve learned about skill toys, it’s that every day someone, somewhere, is discovering something new. Whether that’s a new trick, a shortcut to help out beginners, or just a creative video that makes people stop and think, your voice is important to us.

Which, brings us to the most important piece of this introduction; We’re passionate about building a community of great people who like having fun, staying active, and helping each other. In fact, it has to be a community because it’d be silly (yes, even for us) to claim we know EVERYTHING there is to know about skill toys. That’s why we’ll be looking to you and eager to post up your thoughts and advice just as much as we put out our own.

Think you’ve got a great tutorial or just flat-out rant about Astrojax? Check out our writers guidelines, write it up, shoot it to us in an email, and if we choose yours as our post for the week you’ll get a FREE *SOMETHING*. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?

So thanks for stopping by, fellow Jaxologist! We appreciate your checking us out, and be sure to subscribe and hit us up on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to stay up on the latest videos, tutorials, new toys, and more!


May 2012


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