Spookdown Spectacular Video Results


Some people take their homework assignments seriously. Take Joshua Rodriquez for example. At one point we were eager to cross paths with Joshua, perhaps at a yo-yo event or just while passing through his neighborhood one lazy summer day. But after viewing his contest entry, all of us in the US Astrojax office now sleep with our lights on and covers pulled tight. Perhaps we should just stay “internet friends” from a safe distance. All kidding aside, Joshua easily managed to creep us out and show off some spooky skills! Check out his entry if you dare. Congrats Joshua! You will soon be the proud owner of a highly collectible set of Glow-In-The-Dark Astrojax!


Creepy Contest Winner:  Josh Rodriquez
Hometown:  Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
Winnings:  Rare Glow-In-The-Dark Astrojax!
Editor’s note:  Hey Josh, we were just kidding. We think you’re a great guy, totally normal. Not silence of the lambs at all. :)


We found Waldo, our Runner Up:  Luke Von Gullbrantz
Hometown:  Westfield, Massachusetts, USA
Winnings: Jax O Lanterns!
You gotta love peeps with a sense of humor. You know this guy is fun to hang out with. Way to go Luke!

After a bountiful night of trick or treating, the first order of business is to sit down and pick out the best candy. Among some truly scary submissions, we picked out a couple extra entries that might appeal to your sweet tooth:

Spooky. Gothic. Skills. All rolled into one:  Cizrek
Hometown:  Los Angeles, California, USA
Winnings: Jax O Lanterns!
It’s Cizrek. What is understood need not be said! 


Infectious grooves, fun moves:  David Shyguy Lopez
Hometown:  Albacete, Spain
Winnings: Jax O Lanterns!
If this doesn’t make you want to get off your butt and monster mash, dance, or at least put a big grin on your face, well, you may be six feet under already. Everyone needs a dude like this in their life! Well done David.

Hopefully when you read this the only zombie apocalypse taking place is that cheesy Netflix movie you’re watching. Stay tuned folks, another contest with cool loot is lurking around the corner!