Jax-o-lanterns are BACK from THE VAULT


Ah, THE VAULT, that hidden destination where we relegate our favorite creations to banishment for being TOO awesome.

But that’s the funny thing about the abyss; every now and then after you’ve thrown enough things in, something gets thrown BACK… and that thing is our fan-favorite Jax-o-Lantern Astrojax! If you remember, these ghastly Astrojax feature two white MX Pops flanking a candy-corn orange MX Pop in the center. And it’s all tied together with neon orange string, black cores, and orange string buds!

We’re happy to have them back (mainly because Josh wouldn’t shut up about them) and hope you are too! Also, don’t forget that you can win a set of these for FREE if you come out on top in our latest contest!

So Happy Halloween everyone, and we hope you’re as happy to get your hands on these jolly Jax-o-Lantern Jax as we were in re-releasing them! But act fast, because while they may have escaped for now, there’s no telling when their exodus will come to its end and they’ll again be confined to THE VAULT!