Introducing our Holiday Astrojax Lineup!

With the holiday season fast approaching we thought it’d be time to introduce what we’ll be playing with this Christmas season as we gear up for carols around the fire, eggnog, and Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation marathons!

Astrojax Magical Elf Balls

First, we shed only the smallest remnant of an icy tear as we introduce our illegally exported artfully procured Magical Elf Balls!  These feature superbright green-LEDs within while keeping the green string and bud accents. So just in case you want to stay up to catch St. Nick in the act in the stillness of a cold winter’s night, these should light the room up just in time, but don’t tell him you go them from us; he’s (understandably) still a bit raw about the whole ordeal!

Christmas Coal Astrojax

Finally, our pride and joy and the absolute finest set to round out 2012.  Christmas Coal Jax.  Arguably the only coal you’d ever want in your stocking for Christmas, these are our sleekest Astrojax yet.  Introducing, for the first time and with distinguished pleasure from our R&D department, black, MX Sport mantles.  These black spheres are only further accented by the extra long neon green string and buds we’ve attached to make the darkness of these coal black spheres all the more noticeable.  

So before you snuggle in for the night, stop by and check out our store before these exclusives curl up for a loooong winter in The Vault!