Hit Our Astrojax Contest Page & Win $50 Store Credit

Willis, what is it that you speak of? You haven’t heard of our Contest Page? It’s ok- to be fair we haven’t announced it yet so we can’t hold you too accountable for the oversight.

Starting right meow we’re going to start offering an ongoing contest series whereby you can win a variety of enviable, skill toy swag. First up? Make a video (you can do that right? It’s 2013 and your phone has a better camera than all of NBC did between 1996 and the new millenium so we’re assuming yes) showcasing yourself performing 5 consecutive switches. Need some help? Here, I even made a video for you guys (shot with my iPhone no less) that you can check out above so you’ve got no excuse not to post something on YouTube unless, ya know, YouTube doesn’t exist anymore after this writing.

So go forth, you mad Jaxologists, and make known the depth of your skills (and win some cool stuff in the process). Check out the contest page for complete rules and detail.