FREE FRIDAY – Extra Credit Instructions! (11/22/13)


It’s FREE FRIDAY and we’re just having a little fun. What’s this “extra credit” business all about you say? Well, the boss-man is always reminiscing about “the good old days” (you know, like when there were outhouses and dirt floors in schools). He recently told us about an old English teacher that would occasionally give extra credit in an odd way just for paying attention on a quiz or test, such as “Draw a star in the top right corner of page 2 and you will receive three points extra credit.” Well, we want to see if you’re paying attention. To participate in our FREE FRIDAY event, you need to Like and Share the FREE FRIDAY post.

Here’s the extra credit part: When you Share the post, give US Astrojax a shout-out like “Check these guys out, they rock!” That’s it – give us a shout-out, no matter how simple, silly, or wild. We’ll make sure your odds of winning are doubled and maybe, just maybe…a rare glow-in-the-dark RBII yo-yo will be yours. 

Have a great weekend folks. Oh, and while you’re here, be sure to check out The Wex video…or head over to our store and see what cool skill toys you are missing out on!