Brace Yourselves, New Jax are Coming

That’s right! It’s that time again where we head into our Jaxologist lab and bang our heads against the wall until we concoct a harmony of string and polycarbonate plasticĀ so pristine that we’ve no choice but to unleash it upon the world! Well, for a limited time only, you see. Such lofty Astrojaxological pursuits can be only allowed to ‘live’ among us for so long before their luster is forever lost, and the final remaining specimens are banished to the vault, that future generations of mad jaxologists may study the arcane arts that brought them here.

Or, we just run out of the parts- What do I know?! I just write the articles!

Ahem, moving on…

First up for all of you A/V nerds out there who yearn to somehow marry your passion for Jaxology with your steadfast adherance to analog video, we’re proud to present perfectly analog RCA Jax!

RCA Astrojax

No they’re not HD but everyone knows the VHS era was the best anyways. Hmph. *pushes up Buddy Holly glasses*

This red, yellow, and white concoction features a white MX Pop flanked by two red MX Sports, all tied together with jet black string and yellow stringbuds in a handsome white housing. It’s not HD but neither was your original Nintendo and we’re sure you’ll love these just as much!

And now, something you’ve all (maybe) been waiting for and I’ve been (definitely) dreading as a tasteless assault on the ginger nation, I give you GLOWING GINGER JAX. Here you thought freakishly orange features were reserved for such mutated abominations as Carrot Top but NAY! They too make an appearance here.


Glowing Ginger Jax consist of an orange string with yellow buds and 3 SUPERCHARGED orange LED balls. Again, these are SUPERCHARGED so you could probably use one of these as a temporary headlight replacement but DON’T because it’s against highway regulation.

So all ginger jokes aside this really is a fantastic looking set and speaking of fantastic looking gingers-


Boom. Gingered.

So head on over to our store and check ‘em out before they get locked away forever!