Astrojax Trick Check Challenge Contest!


Last month’s Consecutive Switch Video Challenge was fun for all and we’d like to thank our winners and everyone that entered. We promised to ramp things up a notch with our next contest, and we’re backing up our word! Behold, the Trick Check Contest! This time everyone wins, but it really pays to be in the top three…  In addition to store credit, the top three winners will receive something truly rare and special, a full set of Trick Check balls!


  • 1st Place: Trick Check Astrojax + $50 Store Credit + T-Shirt
  • 2nd Place: Trick Check Astrojax + $25 Store Credit
  • 3rd Place: Trick Check Astrojax + $15 Store Credit
  • All other entries receive $5 Store Credit!



  • Shoot a video performing 3 of your sickest tricks. Tell us the name of each trick!
  • Upload your video to YouTube.
  • Fill in the submission form on contest page. Include a link to your YouTube video. Tell us your name, city, and state.
  • Contest open to international community!
  • Most recent grand prize winners (1st place, last contest) are welcome to participate, but are ineligible to win 1st place.  However, 2nd place, 3rd place, and runner-up positions are fair game!
  • Questions?  See below for additional questions and answers!

If you didn’t win last month or missed the deadline, now’s your chance to taste some Astrojax glory. But don’t delay, the contest wraps up at midnight May 31st! 

Q & A:
Question:  If known tricks are linked together or modified, does that count as a single trick I made up?
Answer:  For this contest, you don’t have to do your own original tricks. They can be your own, or existing tricks. To answer your question specifically, if you think you have created a new trick that is basically existing tricks strung together or modified, try to pay homage or respect to the original trick(s) when you give it a name. For example, “Fabulous Elite” (we just made that up!).  For the purposes of this contest, a combo can be counted as a single trick if you like (you would then need to perform 2 additional tricks). Or if a combo clearly contains three tricks it can also be counted as the three required tricks. You can also feel free to perform more than three tricks in your video!

Question:  So the contest isn’t limited to 3 tricks? Is there a maximum number of tricks you can do? For example, can I submit a video containing every cool trick I know?
Answer:  Feel free to showcase some of your coolest moves, even more than 3 if you like. We’ll be watching for some cool tricks of course, but we are also taking “production value” into account. Just keep in mind this is an ongoing contest series… So save some awesomeness for future contest entries!


The fine print:  By entering this skill toy contest, you give US Astrojax the right to print your first name and last initial, age (if relevant), city and state, and post your video submission.